August 9, 2010


August 9th, Micanopy, Florida Fox Watch
Hello everyone,
Today I have a really nice video with 4 and 5 foxes eating and running around. Mom, Dad and a few kits.
Syanne was missing for a couple of days but she was back this morning.  If you watch my videos you will start to see the difference in the looks of each fox.  Handsome dad is very strong and disciplined.  Young mom doesn't ever want to miss a treat so she always comes out first.  She is  smaller and darker than her mate.    One fox had a mottle looking coat because he had missing patches of fur in several places when he was younger.   I don't know what from.  But now his fur is all grown back so I can't hardly recognize him ..One fox is so tiny that  she stands out from the rest.  Her name is Lucy.

This is Lucy with one of her larger brothers. This kit is taller and thinner than Picasso, lucy's cross to bear.
I call this little guy Little Ricky. He and Lucy seem to get along well.
Anyway, the video starts out with most of the family together in a kind of typical fox day. They get scared easily. Watch how fast they scatter if just one of them makes a sudden move.  Foxes never stop moving, that is why they are so skinny!
Thank you for watching... after all  to quot a line from a song I once heard :"if there ain't no audience their ain't no show" !

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Ginnymo said...

Your foxes are very healthy and handsome! They are always on guard. So are mine. Except a couple are used to me and will stay right there as I throw their nuts out and talk to them. Mostly the older Grandmother. I haven't been seeing them too much for the past few days. I just might be missing them when they are out there. I'm not always at the windows. It's been so humid here. I think they are waiting till later in the evenings or after dark now. The darn skunks come along and eat all their treats though..ha! Ha! I enjoyed your video! Take care.