November 7, 2011

Good News


Hello Fox Watchers.
Well, it has been a lonely year without any foxes to marvel over.
However, walking around the 10 acres I live on in Florida, I am seeing brand new
freshly dug fox holes!
This makes me happy.
I haven't seen a fox yet but I put out a little food at night by the biggest fox hole  and in the morning all the food is gone!
Now, yes it could be another animal but I have also spotted some fox scat... yeah that is a good sign to me that it is a fox.
Winter is a time for breeding. My guess it is one of my clan that has come home to rooster, as they say.
I will keep you posted on the fox watch in Micanopy Florida.
If you have time please read my Fox story about the little fox that got a jar stuck on his head. You will really enjoy it.