August 17, 2010


August 15, 2010

Today I was so lucky to get a video of dad and kit playing "The Game" Watch closely and you will see what I am referring to.

This video starts out with Little Lucy, the smallest of the foxes, stepping out from behind the bushes to check out what is going on. A few seconds later dad appears in the right side of the screen and then the bigger brother, whom Lucy is afraid of, dashes across the screen.

Then the game begins. Dad picks up a couple of pieces of food and holds the in his mouth and then Picasso, (bigger brother) follows him , jumping and reaching for the treat dad holds...

The father fox does not let his son have the food right away, instead he tries to keep it from him, knowing all along that the little fox will get the treat.

In the mean time Lucy looks on and is almost trampled by the activity of her dad and brother. She recovers however and continues to eat. Right after that, off the screen, the dad and little boy play the game some more.

Little Lucy never gets in the game. As you see she is so much smaller than the rest of the foxes. I really love little Lucy, because she is holding her own really well to be such a little thing.

I am not sure what the game is about but I think the adult  foxes are trying to teach the little ones how to hunt and keep what they have or get what they want.... any ideas from anyone?

Enjoy the video and have an nice day.

Sandra the Micanopy Fox Watcher

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Ginnymo said...

Cute video. I see this with my foxes also. The parents won't let the young ones have their food now. As if to say, "get your own". I finally saw them yesterday. I was happy. have a great day! Oh! I wanted to ask what do you give them as treats?