August 3, 2010


Welcome to the Friendly Fox Blog.

Today I didn't get a video but I got some great photos.

I love this image. This gives a whole new meaning to a fox shawl.

When I was young my mother would have friends over to play bridge. Some of the women would wear little red fox faces around their neck and that really spooked me out .

How awful that someone would turn a beautiful fox in to a tacky scary shawl.

I am not a member of Peta but they have some good points.

Why can't we just learn to live with animals and not want to kill them or eat them or train them or make them into a coat!

My guess is lack of understanding as well as appreciation for the wildlife whose land we steal.

If we steal the land for development then can't we have empathy for the animals whose home we destroyed?

Wouldn't it be better if we lived in harmony with nature?

I think so.



Ginnymo said...

I am so happy you left me a message on Youtube Sandra!! I will enjoy reading your blog! I do love watching the foxes every year with their young ones and I too have a grandma among them..They are amazing animals and so pretty. Thanks so much!!

Samuel said...

Great picture!