August 12, 2010


Aug 12, 2010
Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite videos of the foxes.

This video was taken last year when Shyanne(grandmother fox) was a mother and had five kits of her own.
One of her foxes didn't make it but four of them thrived under her care.
It was Shyanne who came to me and asked if I could help her get a jar off one of her little  foxes head. Yes, it was the Whinny the Poo scenario but with a real little animal.
That story had a happy ending I am glad to say and Shyanne has remained close but aloof  to me ever since.
Even to this day she has taken on taking care of Young Mothers kits.  Shyanne was pregnant in January but then she left for a while. She came back in March but showed no signs of having given birth. I asked a fox guy who said she may have gone through a false pregnancy. I can believe that because this fox is a super mom!
On this particular day, I was photographing the foxes  playing and hunting for treats when Shyanne just gave herself over to her kits even though they were almost as big as she was so I quickly switched my camera to video and I am so glad I did. I just love this footage.
I was no more than 20 feet from her when I saw the kits go up under her belly.  They were having so much fun running around in glee and taking turns at mothers milk.
Shyanne stood so solid and erect the whole time even with four almost grown  kits tugging away on her, enjoying this last meal with her precious children.  What a good mom I thought.. A loving mom.

I saw a movie called The Fox and The Child and the last line in the movie was " Foxes know how to love"
(or something to that effect)
I would say from my observation, that is true.

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Ginnymo said...

That is an awesome sight Sandra!! I haven't seen that yet and never will probably. For some reason all the pups and their parents have disappeared. Just the old Grandmother comes down every day. makes me worry when I don't see them but I guess it's for the best. They will probably show themselves one of these days. Great video. You were lucky to see that event!!