August 1, 2010

Hanging out with Grandma

Hi Fox Watchers!
Today's Video is of Shyanne and two of her grandkits. Shyanne is on the right and you can see the v cut in her ear. This is really an easy way to tell foxes apart. Each fox has some kind of mark or distinct feature that sets them apart from the rest. This one is easy as the cut is deep and on the Left ear. Shyanne is also a light color gray. She appears as though she has been around. Not a kid anymore. She is the matriarch of the group. She is my favorite fox. I have seen her come and go for weeks or months at a time and then one day I will see her out with the others foxes, like she never left. If you read my July blogs, you will be able to catch up on the foxes story. It would help to read my zazzle site as it tells the story of how I got involved with the foxes in the first place. Go to : If you would like to purchase any of my fox items that would be greatly appreciated also as art is my livelihood and not a very lucrative one at that right now. I am fox obsessed however, and taking their pictures and writing about them brings me so much joy. Being able to share it with other people is icing on the cake.
It is my hope that once people see my pictures and videos of the Foxes , they will have a new appreciation for this adorable, quiet but elusive little animal .
Please enjoy the fox video below. It features Shyanne and two of the kits and that silly raccoon that loves to torment the foxes! Watch how the little foxes run back and forth in the woods behind them, wondering where that raccoon will be next!

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