August 6, 2010

Hello Foxwatchers, nature lovers

Today I will be uploading some of the kits who are now at least 6 months old. There are two juveniles featured in these photographs.
The tiny little girl I now call Lucy and her bigger brother whom I have named Picasso.
Here they seem to be in harmony with one another so maybe the intimidation may have stopped.
Look how much biggerPicasso is than Lucy. Sweet little Lucy, has really held her own to be so small and had a great desire to push on...
Last year one of the foxes was injured pretty bad so I am not sure if he stayed on this earth that long or not. His name was Van Gogh because he had an ear that was completely messed up. Also, two of the kits plus Shyanne had a bad limp on the same leg. I think someone had been shooting at them with a bb gun aiming at the same leg. ... I hope that is NOT what happened but it just seemed odd they all had the same lip. Shyanne came back all healed this spring and I was happy to see that.
This year all four kits are healthy and strong. You can just look at their body wight and the beautiful clean fur they wear to know that these fox are healthy.

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Ginnymo said...

Great photos!! I do swear their ears are taller and pointier than mine. Interesting.