August 20, 2010


August 20,2010
THIS morning the sun was peaking through the trees casting  a soft glow over these two foxes. They seem calm just taking in the air and things around them. Their Mysterious nature shines through. Their beauty ever so obvious.
I hope you enjoy todays video.


jlsblogster said...

I am so glad I stumble your blog on gray foxes. I have never seen videos of these gorgeous creatures eating and communing with each other in their natural habitat.
I am sharing a webpage about two the gray foxes who visited my backyard deck for a period of 2 months and then they disappeared.

jlsblogster said...

Thank you for sharing the incredible blog on gray foxes. I commented on your webpage and am commenting again on
As I have mentioned in my comments in your blog, I had encounters with the gray foxes in my bakcyard deck and sharing the story with you. It is too bad I did not think of taking videos.