May 2, 2011


Hello Nature and fox watchers
Foxes know that the morning is the best time of day.
They know that is when the "getting" is good. They run around free of fear of humans or cars and that food is easy to obtain. They know that the best time of day is before the sun rises.
When I wake before the sun rises I put on my shoes and dash out the door. I know that whatever happens in the next hour will always be a treat. It doesn't matter if you live in the country or the city or somewhere in between, the sun will rise over the horizon casting a beautiful glow over everything it encounters.  The noise of cars and  humans sounds is non existant and you will hear the birds singing like never before.What a show and just for you and admission is free!
Foxes travel on the same paths over and over as you can spot a fox path by the beaten down grass about 6 inches wide.  The deeper the path, the longer they have been using it. It says, I feel safe here and I know my way around....Like the fox, I have been traveling the same path to Evinston every morning and every morning I am greeted with the same excitement as the day before just like a fox whose travels are many but paths are few for every day is different from the one before. It's all good before sunrise!
Evinston, Florida May 1, 2011 "It is all good before Sunrise" photograph by Sandra Lynn Russell

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