November 7, 2011

Good News


Hello Fox Watchers.
Well, it has been a lonely year without any foxes to marvel over.
However, walking around the 10 acres I live on in Florida, I am seeing brand new
freshly dug fox holes!
This makes me happy.
I haven't seen a fox yet but I put out a little food at night by the biggest fox hole  and in the morning all the food is gone!
Now, yes it could be another animal but I have also spotted some fox scat... yeah that is a good sign to me that it is a fox.
Winter is a time for breeding. My guess it is one of my clan that has come home to rooster, as they say.
I will keep you posted on the fox watch in Micanopy Florida.
If you have time please read my Fox story about the little fox that got a jar stuck on his head. You will really enjoy it.


Ginnymo said...

Oh, I do hope you get to see your foxes again Sandra!! I have just about lost all mine. To what I don't know but I know that Granny is gone for good and the parents of the fox pups have never been seen again in two months now. I do see a couple of the pups that were born this year. never see them during the day any more. It is hunting and trapping season for them now. I do miss my old Granny and the male that used to sit out there every morning waiting for his nuts and treats. I did not get myself attached to the pups this year so if something happens I won't be as affected by it. Of course it's still sad when they all disappear. Good luck on seeing yours!!

Sam Feltus said...

Your fox stories are cool!!!

Sam Feltus said...

The fox stories are very cool!!! I will be watching for foxes when biking around Alachua County now...