July 13, 2010


FOXES DO NOT EAT CATS. They are pretty much indifferent to them. Foxes stay 15 -20 feet from all other animals ... that is their comfort zone.
I am no exception.

They may sit out side and wait for me all morning but when I come down the stairs and go into the yard they will start backing up or feeling uneasy...
I am glad. I have no intention of trying to make these fox pets. It is the wildness that attracts me. Their adaptability is amazing. I am very lucky to be able to observe a whole family/clan as you will, of foxes in their natural habitat. They actually made me their friend not the other way around.

It was the foxes who built their home 30 feet from my back door and chose to live under my house and it was the foxes who summoned me when one of their own needed help.

Truthfully, I am a city girl living in the country and quit frankly, the first time I saw one of the foxes I was afraid. I had been taught to fear a fox ....sly, eat your chickens,kill your cats and dogs, hunt them down, rabies...blah blah blah... how foolish to trust fables...as fact.

Getting to know the foxes has been one of the most interesting parts of my whole life and I have been around quit awhile now.
Really. I know, that sound hard to believe, being a fox and all, but it is true.

to be continued....

Foxes are very, very smart.

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Anonymous said...

That's a great explanation of your experience thus far, Sandra. I enjoyed watching all the videos and reading your comments...keep them coming ! Your friend, JOHN