July 15, 2010

young fox joins his grandma

In both of these photographs there is an adult fox with a kit. They really protect the young foxes and try to keep them from coming out but they are getting old enough to not always do what they are told.
This is a great video of two of the young foxes by themselves. Watch how fast they move around.
They seem like they are having a lot of fun if you ask me... but a little scared of everything that moves....there are 2 parts to this video fox watch for July 14th, 2010. Tip: you can watch both videos at the same time if you are pressed for time. I try to keep the videos under 3 minutes each but sometimes they get a little longer.


Anonymous said...

The foxes sure take off when the raccoons come around...they have a respect for each other ~ JOHN

luna said...

Thanks for watching, John!