August 7, 2010


Handsome dad is always watching out for his kids as they run around him.

Handsome dad with two kits around 8:30 Am looking for their morning snack. Notice how the little fox is putting his mouth to his dads... hoping for a treat from him. This is how they would steer the kits away from the open yard  by
picking up a piece of food and then nudging the little fox to follow them to the woods... the reward was the food in the mom or dads mouth.  I have watch them play this game over and over again.

Today's Video features Handsome  Dad and Young  Mom bringing the kits out to play and hunt. In the field they learn to hunt snacks but this morning I turned the camera on before I went back in to get the treats and when I came back out I just watched them running around looking for them for a few minutes. This is what I saw. I hope you enjoy it. After the final credits, there will be 4 5sec. stills from the film to watch.

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Ginnymo said...

I loved watching your fox family Sandra. I noticed one thing about your foxes compared to mine. Yours seem to have larger ears. Even though they are all the Gray fox family I wonder if some do have slightly different appearances based on where they live?? It is so neat to be able to watch them. Mine are staying in the woods more lately. It might be because of the humidity or else they are going further away. Soon the little guys will have to get their own territory. They are growing up so fast. Thanks for sharing your little family!!