March 13, 2012


This is one of my favorite videos that I took in Aug 2010. The kits were almost grown and soon after this slowly but surely all the foxes disapeared. I put food and water out every day but they did not come back. I was so hoping to have a third litter on the property in 2011. However, because of the dry weather that year the foxes went away to find a better place to live.
Unfortunatly for myself, I too had to move from Micanopy in Jan. 20112.  Right before I left, I saw freshly dug fox holes all around the property. Some of the holes no more than 30 feet from the house.  The hardest part of having to move was that I would never get to see the foxes again. I am settled in New Orleans but I honestly still think about the foxes everyday.
Two weeks ago, around Feb. 15th my neighbor Lynn, in Micanopy, told me that her neighbor saw a fox on his property around his chicken coup... however, he said that he did not mind loosing a couple of chickens to the foxes.... so everyone who has learned about the Jar Head story sees foxes in a new and accepting light. This makes me happy.
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Thanks for reading my blog. I still want to hear from anyone that has a fox story themselves!

Today's video is my all time favorite. There are moments in this video when the adult foxes move in complete tandem with one another as though it was a beautifully  choreographed  dance and they were responding on cue! .
 You can see them communicating with one another in a silent language only they understand. You can't help but notice it. In my opinion it is simply breadth taking and fills my heart with an incredible sense of joy and emotion you want to hang onto but can't.  Those moments are rare and special so I must say I have watched this particular video over and over when I need a little boost of joy to my day.

  There are all kinds of activities going on in the tree line where the young foxes hold back as long as they can.  Shyanne the grandma of the group plays the game with the young foxes where she gets a piece of food in her mouth and teases them with it.
I have watched them do this over and over and the intention of the adult foX is for the
little fox to win.  At one point in this video you will see Shyanne teasing  a little fox  and once she drops the food for the little one to get, she goes over with another piece and drops it at the little foxes feet, making sure she got her share.

The music I have chosen for this video couldn't have been better as the tempo and the
spiritual quality of the music matches that of the beautiful gray foxes.
I would like to recommend that you watch this in full screen if your computer allows and also watch it more than once. After a youtube plays a lot of little videos to choose from shows up at the bottom. Please ignore this as all of those videos are not mine and might not be friendly to foxes.  Stay on this page and go to the next blog post below to play that video. Thanks for for visiting my Micanopy Fox Blog and come back soon.


Ginnymo said...

Love this video and pics. You are lucky to see the whole family together yet. Mine seem to be loners at times and will come out one or two at a time but I never see the whole family together any more. Enjoy them as long as possible. Up here when winter comes on all the little ones have to find their own homes or so I've read. That's so they don't interbreed.

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