March 1, 2011

Where Have All the Foxes Gone?

March 1st 2011

Hello Fox watchers.
Well, I am going through gray fox withdrawal.  I haven't seen any foxes in three weeks and I really really miss them.

I still put food in their little bowls every morning before 7 outside by their tree but only one raccoon and the crows come and eat the food later in the day.

I saw Shyanne last, Jarhead's mother.  It was at 10:30am February 8th. Before that I saw her on Feb 1st at about the same time of day. I just happened to look out the window and there she was down below so I ran out to greet her.

We always do a little dance around each other, as I try to determine what she wants and have a little chat with our eyes. I know she knows me and I like to think when she comes she  is coming to see me and not just for a treat.

I know this to be a fact as this time when I saw her she wasn't that interested in eating when I gave her the food.   In fact, I  brought her out a special treat in a bowl and put it by her tree. I watched her nibble on it for a while but then I  left her alone, thinking she would feel more relaxed eating  if I weren't right there.

I went up stairs and watched her down below but within a few minutes  she stopped eating and began walking away, leaving most of the food behind, so I ran outside to see if I could see where she was going.

I was able to watch her as she went to the edge of the woods. I called to her and she looked back at me for several seconds, then she turn and disappeared into the thicket of forest behind my home. That was the last time I saw her or any foxes at all.

In February, most vixen are pregnant and give birth in March.  Shyanne did not look like she was "with fox" .  Also, she was not with a mate.
My mother from last years litter has disappeared too. 

My guess is that Shyanne was not pregnant and did not need a den to give birth so she is roaming. Maybe she will find a new mate.

If you haven't read any of my blogs or watched any of my fox videos I recommend that you do.  You see, I think my connection with the foxes was quite an special and unusual occurance.  
If you love animals, I think they know that. 

A few days ago, I combed the 10 acres of woods around me looking for worn paths and fox holes.
I must have come across over a dozen fox holes but all covered  with leaves and branches from fallen trees indicating of course, they were abandoned.

At any rate  I will continue to look out my window ... a 100 times a day just
in the hopes of catching a glimpse of them again.

Truthfully, Fox watchers, In all my born days I have never experienced anything that has touched me so profoundly.  

Like I have said before , once you see a fox with your own eyes... you will want a chance to see another. I had nine foxes living less than 50 feet from my back door and it was comforting to me to know they were there. Right there.
Near me. 

Maybe they will come back in the spring.

I'll let you know.



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Ginnymo said...

I know just how you feel. I never see mine either although I did catch a glimpse of one last week at night. I'm sure all the females are in the dens with babies now. If I see them in May I figure they are about three months old. I sure hope I see some this year. I love them like you do.