April 17, 2011

Still Missing my Gray Foxes

April 15, 2011

Well, I have decided that my fox family has found a new place to bring up their young this year as I have not seen any sign of them... until last week.
I was riding my bike just across the highway from my house and I saw a few little foxes run across a street in front of me. Just a glimpse, they  stopped in the middle of the road, looked up at me  and then disappeared into the woods.
Yesterday I just could not stop myself from going back to that spot and I walked along the tree line and discovered a worn path the same size as the paths they had made on my land when they lived here.
I was excited to find this path. It wasn't a long path so they were staying in a small confined space similar to the land behind my house.
So,after finding the path and hanging out for a bit I decided to ride my bike farther down the road and came back to the fox trail about 8 thirty am. I had just about given up seeing a fox but then up the hill I saw the silhouette of a fox with the sun shining through her coat. I was not that close but a car came by her and she stopped to let it pass as I rode my bike closer I could tell for sure it was an adult fox. I have a
feeling it is from my clan as it is less than a 1/4 of mile from my house. Unfortunately I am sorry they are living so close to a road. I am thinking they may have had their kits on the property across from the woods but they have to cross a street with cars to get there.
I am both happy and sad because it seems precarious and dangerous for them.
Oh my, life is tough for little wild animals.
Last night there was a full moon and on my way home from a friends house my car turned left instead of right....right being my house left being the foxes new den. I drove slowly and parked for a time hoping to see one of the foxes in the moon light but did not.
Since I have seen them twice now, I am sure the people in the house where I saw them coming from must surely be aware they are there. I hope they are animal people and not afraid of foxes and not interested in harming them in any way.
I will go back today just in hopes of seeing one again.
Thank you as always for reading my fox blog.
Remember: Always be kind to animals... particularly foxes!


Ginnymo said...

I am sad for you because you won't be able to watch them all as well this year. I know how you feel. I always wonder if mine will come back or if they lived through the winter. I am happy that the same male has made it another year and he and his mate are still around and have babies back in the woods again. I just hope the babies make it so they can come out during the day in a few weeks. I never see them till the beginning of June. But I have heard them in the middle of the night a couple times. So the parents must take them exploring or else the young ones get away, trying to follow them. That one last week sure was making an awful noise below my window. All I can think is it was stuck down below while the mom was up above the rock wall. I tried to see them but couldn't. I opened the window and could hear one running up over the wall and still crying as it caught up with it's mom on the hill. I was glad to hear it though because now I know there are babies up there.
I always worry too much also Sandra. It's just the way we are I guess. You can't help but be that way when you love animals so much.
I do hope that they come to see you sometime. They never forget where they got treats from. Take care. The ones you are seeing could be one of the pups from last year that have their own family now. They always have to go their own ways. You might be surprised yet!!!

Sandra said...

Hi Ginny
So good to hear from you.
I always enjoy getting your response to my blog post. You and I are kindrid spirits for sure.
How many years have you been photographing foxes?
You mentioned that this spring you are seeing the same couple have another litter. I am so happy that you you know that soon they will bring them around for you to see. Lucky you!
You know, I have very rarely heard a pep out of all the foxes that have lived here. one time I had as many as 9. Now there is none and I am affraid I ran them off by clearing just a little bit of land so I could gather wood for winter. I did notice there were atleast a half dozen fox holes back there though when I cleared it However the fox holes didn't look active. .
I did see Shyanne in Feburary and she did not look like she was pregnant this year. I think she would have been showing in late Feburary... she was alone and didn't have a mate. Remember from my privious blog how I said that the Grandma(shyanne) would come and go..I am still hoping she will bless me with a visit someday.
I know I can turn my camera on the cardinals and woodpeckers but nothing has ever , ever given me more joy than photographing and watching those adorable foxes grow up with their parents.
I think you are the only one who understands what a void in my life I am feeling this spring.
All the best to you Ginny.
You are a really a special person.
Look at how many wild things have come right to your window to sing you a song. You must truely have a heart of gold.