April 24, 2011


Hi Fox watchers,
As I mentioned my foxes have found a new place to bring up their young this year.
I have been walking every morning to the place were I saw them last week but have not been fortunate enough to see them again. I am sure they are busy keeping their young ones fed and happy as foxes are very good parents. I should know as I was able to watch two litters of kits grow up with loving parents. If you have not watched my fox videos from past blogs please do. If you are pressed for time, watch the one I called "The Language Of Foxes" as it shows you just how communal and loving foxes are towards one another. The kits are about 6 months old in this video.
The other one I took of the first litter when the mother fox came and asked me to help her get a jar off the head of one of her kits (http://www.zazzle.com/thegrayfox)
This video is of the mother fox giving her kits one last meal. It is called "The Good Mother"

Even though my foxes are not right in my back yard they are and always will be in my heart. I learned a lot from those foxes and they opened my eyes to all the nature and beautiful things around me.
I will still be looking for foxes but I will be uploading videos and photos now of the things I encounter while looking for them.
I contribute my new view of life to the foxes and I will be expanding on the lessons I have learned from them.
Today's video is Fox Lesson #1 and it is called "Sing your own song" and it is a happy little Wren just singing away loud and with enthusiasm.
In a world where so many people want to be just like everyone else I say rubbish.
We all have our own song and that song should be sung with the enthusiasm of this little bird! Throw away the concept of what society thinks you should be and just be who you are. Your life and the world will be better off for it.

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