May 10, 2011

Fox Lesson #4 Keep Moving

May 10th 2011
Hi Fellow earth travelers. 
. I haven't seen the fox this week. I have been riding and walking every morning
though hoping to run across her again. She was so beautiful. She reminded me of my grandmother gray fox, Shyanne. Shyanne was clearly an older and more wiser fox. This red fox had the same look as Shyanne did.  A noble fox. A wise fox. A mother.  
Actually, my obsesion to see a fox has driven me to walking and riding my bike over many miles so I am getting healthy like the lean fox who never over eats or stops moving.
Below are some of my  Back Roads in Central Florida PHotos

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Ginnymo said...

I wish you'd see your foxes again. My mommy and daddy fox are out earlier each day and in a couple weeks I hope to see their pups. I can't wait.
Beautiful photos Sandra!!